Caltech C 奖学金的首位华裔获奖者已经诞生,感谢您的慷慨捐赠! | Caltech C Graduate Fellowship Update

各位Caltech C的朋友,

Caltech C研究生奖学金是世界顶尖高校中屈指可数的专门为华裔学生设立的奖学金, 是以加州理工学院中国同学会(Caltech C)命名。自从两年多前发起以来,已经得到了近一百位捐赠者,是目前加州理工学院捐赠人数最多的单项奖学金。今年,Caltech C奖学金诞生了第一位获奖者——化学系的崔智昊同学。

Caltech C奖学金的诞生,离不开众多校友的支持(文末附名单),而她未来的发展也需要更多校友的参与!目前,我们收到的捐赠数额离触发摩尔基金会的1:1匹配还差一万余美元。欢迎您今天就加入成为捐赠者!无论数额多少,您的参与都是对Caltech C和加州理工学院的华裔学生的巨大支持!

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* 填写捐赠数额后请在下方specific designations中注明“Caltech C Graduate Fellowship”

2016年的Caltech C校友湾区聚会,催生了后来的Caltech C奖学金

图片来源:Caltech Alumni Association

2018年11月刚刚在湾区进行的Caltech C奖学金纪念聚会,校长罗森堡夫妇出席

图片来源:Caltech Associates

以下是来自校方的关于Caltech C奖学金的最新情况的介绍:

Title: Inaugural Caltech C Graduate Fellow & Fundraising Update

Dear Caltech C Alumni and Friends,


Greetings from Caltech! As 2018 comes to a close, we wanted to extend a most heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship. We continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity and spirit of community.


We are happy to announce that we have named an inaugural Caltech C Graduate Fellow, Zhihao Cui! Zhihao is originally from Shanxi, China and is interested in theoretical and computational chemistry. He is currently working in Prof. Garnet Chan’s lab, which is focused broadly on the simulation of chemical and physical systems at the level of many-particle quantum mechanics. He has stated that this fellowship releases the financial burden for both him and his research group. It has also given him the chance to meet many brilliant alumni.

Although Zhihao has received financial aid, the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship is not yet fully funded. In order to trigger the Moore Match, we need to have $500,000 cash in hand and we are still approximately $19,000 short of this goal. If you have not yet contributed to the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship, we encourage you to make your donation today! Caltech’s ability to advance discovery depends upon recruiting the most promising and creative graduate scholars from all backgrounds. With your fellowship gift, you give students the freedom, resources, and community they need to pursue big ideas on the path to breakthroughs.


Total # of Donors 93
# of New Caltech Associates Members 10
Money Received to Date $481,123
Remaining Pledge Balances $199,633
Total Received and Pledged (with corporate matches) $680,756


See below to view a complete list of alumni and donors who have contributed to the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship.


I am happy to answer any questions about the fund and how to support the Caltech C Fellow.


Warm wishes,

Megan Denison


P.S. Please feel free to forward this to any Caltech alumni or friends who might be interested and let us know if contact information needs to be updated.


Megan C. Denison | Development Officer | Caltech 

Academic Divisions and Regions

1200 E. California Blvd. | Mail Code 5-32 | Pasadena, California  91125


Dr. Ming Cai MS’98EE/PHD’01EE

Dr. Yu Cao MS’91PH/PHD’97PH, Assoc & Ms. Yingyi Qiu Assoc

Dr. Yanbei Chen PHD’03PH & Ms. Ying Liu

Dr. Edward Deng MS’92EE/PHD’96EE & Ms. Sharon Liu

Professor Xiaomin Deng MS’85AM/PHD’90AM & Ms. Jingyan Zhou

Dr. Charles C. Fan MS’96EE/PHD’01EE, P’22 & Dr. Fang M. Wang MS’96SS/PHD’98SS, P’22

Dr. Gary Y. Guo MS’87EE/PHD’92EE

Dr. Jiangtao Hong MS’89PH/PHD’93PH

Dr. Xianglei Huang MS’00PLSC/PHD’04PLSC

Dr. Wen Jiang MS’91PH/PHD’95PH, Assoc & Dr. Zhi Q. Zheng PHD’95CHE, Assoc

Dr. Chao Ku MS’98MA/PHD’99MA & Dr. Yun Ye MS’97MS/PHD’01MS

Dr. Jin Li BS’02AACM

Dr. Ying Li MS’96ME/PHD’00ME & Ms. Jie Yu MS’99CDS

Mr. Zhao Li MS’13EE

Mr. Zhaohong Li BS’91ENG

Dr. Peng Lian MS’91SS/PHD’93SS & Dr. Dongyan Zhou MS’92EE/PHD’96EE

Dr. Jiao Lin MS’01MS/PHD’04MS

Dr. Charlie Qianli Liu PHD’97PH

Dr. Wenshan Liu MS’94APH/PHD’98APH

Dr. Xin Liu PHD’07CDS & Mr. Hualin Ye

Dr. Yu Liu PHD’10CH & Dr. Fan Yang PHD’11CH

Dr. Zhenhuan Liu MS’91ME/PHD’95ME, Assoc & Ms. Hongyu Piao MS’93EE, Assoc

Dr. Michael Louie PHD’01AACM & Dr. Helen Si PHD’00AMA

Dr. Lingyun Lu MS’86AE/PHD’92AE

Dr. Jia Mao BS’02ENG

Mr. Xiaosong Niu

Dr. Xiaoze Ou MS’13EE/PHD’16EE & Ms. Kun Huang MS’14EE

Dr. Yi Pan PHD’06PH

Dr. Chunhua Qi PHD’01PLSC

Dr. Shu Y. Qi PHD’98PH & Mrs. Song Wang MS’97PH

Dr. Yong Qiao MS’90EE/PHD’94EE

Dr. Wendong Qu MS’97ES/PHD’00ES & Ms. Yu Fu

Dr. Hongyu Ran MS’96ME/PHD’04ME

Dr. Xiaodong Song MS’91GEPH/PHD’94GEPH & Ms. Michelle Liang

Dr. Yang Song MS’98EE/PHD’03EE

Dr. Xin Sun MS’93PH/PHD’97PH

Dr. Yongkui Sun PHD’90CH & Dr. Sophie Zeng

Dr. Yun Sun PHD’92CH

Dr. Ying Tan PHD’06GEPH

Dr. Min Tao MS’02AM/PHD’06AM

Dr. Xiao L. Tong MS’97APH/PHD’98APH & Ms. Min Zhang

Mr. Cong Wang MS’14AE

Dr. Luojia Wang PHD’97CE, Assoc & Ms. Cathy Zhu Assoc

Dr. David Wei MS’04CS/PHD’07CS

Dr. Jason J. Wen MS’85GECH & Mrs. Linda Wen

Dr. Ah San Wong MS’95PH/PHD’02PH

Dr. Xinkai Wu MS’00PH/PHD’04PH & Ms. Lili Zhu

Ms. Jiafang Xiao MS’04PLSC

Dr. Yu Xiao PHD’05ME

Dr. Xiaolin Xie BS’00PH & Mrs. Yuan Chen

Dr. Kaiwen Xu BS’00ENG/BS’00PH

Mr. Chenjian E. Xu BS’01ENG & Ms. Wai Y. Cheung

Dr. Liping Yan MS’90CE/ENG’92CE

Dr. Zhimei Yan MS’01GPS/PHD’07GEPH


Mr. Yonghuang Zeng MS’94EE & Ms. Hui Lu

Dr. Zheng Zeng MS’91EE/PHD’94EE

Dr. Haiyun Zhang MS’92PH/PHD’97PH & Dr. Gang He MS’93PH/PHD’97PH

Dr. Yizhen Zhang MS’01ME/PHD’06ME

Dr. Xiaoguang A. Zhong PHD’95AM & Dr. Li Jiang PHD’99BI

Dr. James J. Zhu MS’91BI/PHD’94BI, Assoc & Dr. Ping Ye Assoc

Dr. Xiaoyun Zhu MS’95EE/PHD’00EE

Dr. Rick Zou PHD’11PH

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  • 关于Caltech C奖学金的历史,请阅读Caltech校友会的报道:

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