RSVP for the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship Celebration

In the words of Caltech’s President, Thomas F. Rosenbaum, “There is a tight connection between our ability to recruit faculty and the quality of our graduate students. There’s a virtuous circle— attracting the best graduate students attracts the best faculty, and on and on.”

In 2016, Caltech C alumni came together to establish an endowed graduate fellowship with a primary preference for under-funded disciplines, and a secondary preference for a first-year student of Chinese heritage.

As of February 25, 2021, more than 84 households have donated or pledged more than $785,000, exceeding our stretch goal of $750,000. Combined with the Moore Match, the total endowment is approximately $1,125,000. Since its inception, nine Caltech graduate students have benefitted from this fellowship.

Please read more about the origins of this fellowship on the Caltech Break Through website.

If you would like to make a donation, visit

• Select “Choose specific designations”, close the pop-up box, and where it asks for “Other designation”, type in “Caltech C Graduate Fellowship”

While we originally intended to celebrate with a toast on Caltech’s campus, our in-person festivities are on hold for now. In the meantime, we hope you will join us for a casual online event where we will hear from Dr. David Chan, Caltech’s newly appointed Dean of Graduate Studies, Caltech C fellows, and your Caltech C alumni friends. The celebration will be held on Saturday, March 20th, at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

RSVP here

For information or questions, or to make a multi-year pledge, please contact:

• Megan Denison: (626) 395-1529 or

Benefactor List in Alphabetical Order as of 2/25/21

Dr. Ming Cai MS’98EE/PHD’01EE

Dr. Yu Cao MS’91PH/PHD’97PH, Assoc & Ms. Yingyi Qiu Assoc

Dr. Yanbei Chen PHD’03PH & Ms. Ying Liu

Dr. Sijia Dong PHD’17CH

Dr. Edward Deng MS’92EE/PHD’96EE & Ms. Sharon Liu

Professor Xiaomin Deng MS’85AM/PHD’90AM & Ms. Jingyan Zhou

Mr. Xiaozhe Ding Student (2020), Graduate

Dr. Gang Duan MS’04MS/MS’06EE/PHD’08MS & Dr. Joanne Xiu PHD’08BICHMB

Dr. Charles C. Fan MS’96EE/PHD’01EE, P’22 & Dr. Fang M. Wang MS’96SS/PHD’98SS, P’22

Dr. Chunhui Gu BS’06EE, Avery

Dr. Gary Y. Guo MS’87EE/PHD’92EE

Dr. Mingsheng Han PHD’91AY

Dr. Shuo Han MS’08EE/PHD’14EE

Dr. Jiangtao John Hong MS’89PH/PHD’93PH & Dr. Jingyu Li

Dr. Xinlei Hua PHD’96APH

Dr. Xianglei Huang MS’00PLSC/PHD’04PLSC

Dr. Wen Jiang MS’91PH/PHD’95PH, Assoc & Dr. Zhi Q. Zheng PHD’95CHE, Assoc

Dr. Chao Ku MS’98MA/PHD’99MA & Dr. Yun Ye MS’97MS/PHD’01MS

Dr. Jin Li BS’02AACM

Dr. Xiaobai Li PhD’10ME& Mr. Xiaosong Niu

Dr. Ying Li MS’96ME/PHD’00ME & Ms. Jie Yu MS’99CDS

Mr. Zhao Li MS’13EE

Mr. Zhaohong Li BS’91ENG

Dr. Peng Lian MS’91SS/PHD’93SS & Dr. Dongyan Zhou MS’92EE/PHD’96EE

Dr. Jiao Lin MS’01MS/PHD’04MS

Dr. Charlie Qianli Liu PHD’97PH

Dr. Wenshan Liu MS’94APH/PHD’98APH

Dr. Xin Liu PHD’07CDS & Mr. Hualin Ye

Dr. Yu Liu PHD’10CH & Dr. Fan Yang PHD’11CH

Dr. Zhao Liu MS’10EE/PHD’16EE

Dr. Zhenhuan Liu MS’91ME/PHD’95ME, Assoc & Ms. Hongyu Piao MS’93EE, Assoc

Dr. Michael Louie PHD’01AACM & Dr. Helen Si PHD’00AMA

Dr. Lingyun Lu MS’86AE/PHD’92AE

Dr. Jia Mao BS’02ENG

Dr. Xin Ning MS’10AE/PHD’15AE

Dr. Xiaoze Ou MS’13EE/PHD’16EE & Ms. Kun Huang MS’14EE

Dr. Yi Pan PHD’06PH

Dr. Chunhua Qi PHD’01PLSC

Dr. Shu Y. Qi PHD’98PH & Mrs. Song Wang MS’97PH

Dr. Yong Qiao MS’90EE/PHD’94EE

Dr. Wendong Qu MS’97ES/PHD’00ES & Ms. Yu Fu

Dr. Hongyu Ran MS’96ME/PHD’04ME

Dr. Xiaodong Song MS’91GEPH/PHD’94GEPH & Ms. Michelle Liang

Dr. Yang Song MS’98EE/PHD’03EE

Dr. Xin Sun MS’93PH/PHD’97PH

Dr. Yongkui Sun PHD’90CH & Dr. Sophie Zeng

Dr. Yun Sun PHD’92CH

Mr. Tao Tan MS’93EE

Dr. Ying Tan PHD’06GEPH

Dr. Min Tao MS’02AM/PHD’06AM

Dr. Xiao L. Tong MS’97APH/PHD’98APH & Ms. Min Zhang

Mr. Cong Wang MS’14AE

Dr. Luojia Wang PHD’97CE, Assoc & Ms. Cathy Zhu Assoc

Dr. Pin Wang MS’00CHE/PHD’04CHE & Dr. Lili Yang PHD’04BI

Dr. David Wei MS’04CS/PHD’07CS

Dr. Jason J. Wen MS’85GECH & Mrs. Linda Wen

Dr. Ah San Wong MS’95PH/PHD’02PH

Dr. Xinkai Wu MS’00PH/PHD’04PH & Ms. Lili Zhu

Ms. Jiafang Xiao MS’04PLSC

Dr. Yu Xiao PHD’05ME & Dr. Hui Wu MS’01EE/PHD’03EE

Dr. Xiaolin Xie BS’00PH & Mrs. Yuan Chen

Dr. Kaiwen Xu BS’00ENG/BS’00PH

Mr. Chenjian E. Xu BS’01ENG & Ms. Wai Y. Cheung

Dr. Liping Yan MS’90CE/ENG’92CE

Dr. Zhimei Yan MS’01GPS/PHD’07GEPH

Professor Lan Yang MS’00MS/PHD’05APH


Mr. Yonghuang Zeng MS’94EE & Ms. Hui Lu

Dr. Zheng Zeng MS’91EE/PHD’94EE

Dr. Haiyun Zhang MS’92PH/PHD’97PH & Dr. Gang He MS’93PH/PHD’97PH

Dr. Xiaoguang A. Zhong PHD’95AM & Dr. Li Jiang PHD’99BI

Dr. Yizhen Zhang MS’01ME/PHD’06ME

Dr. Yunfeng Zhang PHD’01AM

Dr. Edward Zhou MS’14EE/PHD’17EE

Dr. James J. Zhu MS’91BI/PHD’94BI, Assoc & Dr. Ping Ye Assoc

Mr. Ronghui Zhu Student (2020), Graduate

Dr. Xiaoyun Zhu MS’95EE/PHD’00EE & Dr. Qing Yang MS’97MA/PHD’99MA

Dr. Rick Zou PHD’11PH

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